10/5/1869  Great flood of Westfield

10/12/1923   Dedication of Vincent Barnes’ land as Barnes Airport. Would be used as Camp Bartlett during WW I

10/18/1868   Crane Brothers Paper Mill opened on Mill Street

10/13/1868   “sleighing began and lasted all winter”

10/17/1777   General Burgoyne surrendered at Fort Saratoga. He and his troops were marched to Boston as prisoners of war and stopped for a night in Westfield(see January). Gen. Burgoyne stayed in the Landlord Fowler Tavern on 171 Main St. (still there today, across from Fenton Leasing)

10/19/1898    Completion of Ashley Street School and the first town kindergarten

Also, the church organ industry, Johnson Organs, began in Westfield by William Johnson

10/20/1871   “Heavy” earthquake felt in Westfield

10/30/1666   First committee meeting to establish “Streamfield” (later named Westfield) held in Springfield.