GeoCache Wooden Nickel Sponsor Form

One of the Westfield 350 activities is a GeoCache that takes participants to historic places in town. At each location there will be a “cache” that contains educational material, a log book, and a small collectable treasure – a unique 350th Wooden Nickel.

These GeoCaching activities are very popular, and because of the unique nature of our event, and the serialization of the coin, these 350th Wooden Nickels will be in high-demand and collectable. People will keep these as commemoratives of the 350th Birthday Celebration.

We will have 14 unique coin designs – 12 custom logos and 2 shared logos.

As of 3/25/2019 we sold out of the custom logos (see above). We still have sponsorship opportunities for the shared logos (the Black Squirrel and the Buggy Whip). These coins are a great way for small and medium sized businesses to participate in the Westfield 350 experience. Sponsors will be able to use the coins in advertising, and offer special promotions for customers who have the coin. For example, a restaurant may offer a free appetizer for anyone who presents a Black Squirrel coin, a retailer may offer 10% for anyone who presents the Whip City coin, an entertainment venue may offer a buy one get one free offer for customers who present the Black Squirrel coin, etc…

The shared coins are quite a bargain at 15 cents per potential customer ($150 per 1000).

Special offers will be promoted on the website, in press releases, in the GeoCache locations, and by email and social media postings. Sponsors may also use the Westfield 350 images in their own promotions.

To participate as a sponsor, please complete the following form by APRIL 16th at 8PM.

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Thank You for helping make this a wonderful 350 event!