1/1/1868  The Athenaeum opened to the public. Building had been presented to the town for use for the library by Hiram Harrison (whip company owner)

1/6/1670  It was voted by the town to build the first meeting house 36 feet square

1/9/1667  First grants of land confirmed to George Phelps, Isaac Phelps, Thomas Noble, David Ashley, John Holyoke, High Dudley, Aaron Cook, James Cornish, Thomas Dewey, and John Ingersoll.

1/14-15/1775   Col. Henry Knox passed through Westfield with the 59 cannons captured from the British at Fort Ticonderoga, NY on his way to Boston. Monument located on the sidewalk outside The Tavern.

1/16/1867  Land was purchased for Franklin St. School