The Treasurer of the Friends of the Westfield 350, Inc. will promptly and accurately accumulate and report all income and expenses for each committee in total and make timely deposits, process expense payments, create & disseminate forms, communicate procedures and be transparent in all financial matters.

Each committee will choose/appoint a committee treasurer to collect and disseminate all proceeds and payment requests to the treasurer.  Chair, Candy Pennington


The committee is designed solely for the purposes of raising and collecting funds in support of 350th events.  They may create, design and implement programs for the purpose of fundraising.  The committee will work with all members of the organization and community to ensure sufficient and targeted fundraising.  Co-Chairs, Joyce Peregrin and vacant.


The Historical & Educational Committee is charged with coordinating and organizing the historical and educational focus of the celebration. They may work with the schools and community groups to provide historically relevant observances of the Westfield 350th  anniversary.  Co-Chairs, Cynthia Gaylord and Candy Pennington.


The Marketing & Outreach committee is in charge of communications and marketing our efforts to the community via branding, advertising, technology, social media and media relations.  It will manage the creation and dissemination of logo(s) to be used consistently across events.  Act as single point of contact to ensure consistent communication to community and committee.  Reach out to organizations and businesses to see how they would like to participate in the 350th events.


The Signature Events Committee is responsible for coordinating, planning and administering the special events that will highlight and celebrate the City’s founding.  Co-chairs, Harry Rock and Jay Pagluica


The Special Project Committee is focused on delivering upon the significant takeaways, memories, and memorabilia of the 350th Celebration.  Co-chairs, Mary O’Connell and Peter Miller.