Westfield Through the Decades


January 9, 1667:  Grants confirmed to George Phelps, Isaac Phelps, Thomas Noble, David Ashley, John Holyoke, the minister, John Ponder, Hugh Dudley on Main St.; Aaron Cook, James Cornish, Thomas Dewey, John Osborn and John Ingersoll on Little River St.

May 19, 1669:  The General Court of Mass authorized a town at Woronoke, alias Streamfield, to be known as the Town of Westfield.


The Town was laid out five miles wide at north end, nine miles long southwest and four mile wide at south end.

Mr. Moses Fish had succeeded Mr. John Holyoke and preached here three years up to November 1671 when Thomas Dewey went to “the Bay” obtained rev. Edward Taylor and arrived back on the first of December. Town contained 10 families.

1675-76: King Philip’s War – conflict at Northfield and “Bloody Brook” Deerfield.