11/1/1700  Town voted, “There shall be a scool hous (sic) built eighteen foots square”

10/2/1840   Sackett-Mundale School district voted to have four weeks of female school

11/7/1724   Beginning excavation for Westfield Canal near state line in Southwick.

11/10/1826   Munsbrook School voted to pay teacher $12 for up to 5 months of school

11/12/1829   First canal boat launched in Westfield

11/15/1871   First passenger on Westfield to Holyoke railroad

11/16/1817   General William Shepard died, age 80

11/17/1770   “Southwick was set-off from Westfield and incorporated as separate towne”

11/21/1860   First gas lighting turned on in Westfield stores

11/25/1640  Three traders were the first settlers in Westfield (Little River)

11/29/1783   “An earthquake occurred between 10 and 11 o’clock at nite”

11/30/1780   Montgomery incorporated as a town and separated from Westfield.