Become a Partner

In 2019, the City of Westfield turns 350, and we’re going to celebrate all year! The City will be hosting many Pre-Commemoration events.  In addition, there will be grand Signature Events, to include a First Night 2019, Anniversary Weekend 2019, celebratory parade, and fireworks to mark the 350th Anniversary!

Westfield 350 Business Sponsors are defined as small businesses, corporations, or other organizations that will pledge support in the form of monetary donations to Westfield 350.  This may be done with a direct monetary donation or contribution by check, PayPal or Square.

Westfield 350 Individual Contributors are defined as any individual or family that will pledge their support in any monetary form by donating directly to the Friends of the Westfield 350.  This too may be done by personal check, PayPal or Square.

Westfield 350 Organizational Partners are defined as membership organizations, not-for-profits, foundations, faith based organizations, towns, or communities which will pledge support in the form of marketing and outreach opportunities for Westfield 350 to their respective memberships, communities, or constituents. Both new celebrations and longstanding traditions will be advertised as we celebrate the many Westfield traditions that make our community a great place to live in all seasons.  We encourage your organization to consider hosting a public event in 2019 that will help showcase Westfield’s civic pride.