1st Place – Bob McKean


2nd Place – Darlene Klaubert

3rd Place – Dana Robbins

Treemendous Tree Submissions

Maxfield Parrish was a gifted artist and illustrator (1870 -1966) whose works were published in magazines and books for decades. He once said about capturing the beauty of landscapes:  “The hard part is how to plan a picture so as to give to others what has happened to you,”  and it is my hope that this photo will stir you on about one of your favorite artists who find the beauty all around us and remind us to take it in.

Believed to be over 200 years old, the Enchanted Oak tree at Stanley Park is a special & historic tree to the Park. Beloved by the Park’s founder, Frank Stanley Beveridge, he was drawn to this tree and was often seen walking around the tree and grove. He often held meetings with Stanley Home Products sales associates under this tree. He felt that its majestic presence symbolized strength, endurance and perseverance; represented the highest of human qualities and those of nature. In the late 1940’s, Mr. Beveridge noticed that the Oak showed signs of decay. He commissioned specialists to cut out the diseased sections in an effort to save the tree. The Enchanted Oak survived and continues to grow today. The Enchanted Oak remains in its original location at Stanley Park, between the Beveridge Pavilion and the Wildflower Garden, overlooking a stone holding the photograph of Frank Stanley Beveridge.

I have lived in a two-family my whole life and this is the tree in front of my house

  Growing up in Westfield our family had a Japanese Maple in the backyard. We loved that tree. Every special photo was taken in front of that tree. In the winter, we would skate in the backyard around the Japanese Maple. When our parents moved to a new home in Westfield, they planted a Japanese Maple in their front yard. My parents gave my husband and I a small Japanese Maple when we moved into our home in Westfield. This tree has grown and is the most beautiful tree on our property. Looking at it brings back such joyful memories. My brother Paul, who recently passed away, also loved Japanese Maple Trees. He had one at his home in Westfield. He moved to Alabama before he passed. Upon his passing, his friends down there purchased and planted a Japanese Maple on the property of their new home. Not only does this tree, bring back the best memories for us in Westfield, but it continues to be a tribute to a great brother who passed way too early.

multicolored tree on western avenue

While choosing a Christmas tree in 2017 with our children here in Westfield, we noticed the tallest one on the farm. The owner had a story to tell us. This fir tree standing tall at the Old St. Nicholas Tree Farm in Westfield is approximately 50 feet high and needs to grow just a few more feet before it will be cut down and taken away. You may be wondering where it will be going! Rockerfeller Center, NYC! There is a very good chance it will be taken next November during our 350th birthday year. It’s a very special tree. It’s not 350 years old, but is one of the oldest in our fair city and deserves recognition as it is worthy of the honor as one of the most famous Christmas trees in the nation. Let’s celebrate this natural wonder before it’s gone and celebrate a local business for caring for this majestic beauty for so many decades.