Special Projects Committee


Mary O’Connell
Peter Miller
Jane Wensley
Holly Robbins
Pat Conant
Joanna Williams

The Special Projects Committee mission is to leave a long-term legacy marking the celebration of Westfield’s 350th Anniversary celebration. Secondarily, the Committee is focused on celebrating Westfield’s modern era by highlighting local landmarks and people.

The following is a listing of initiatives being prepared by the Special Projects Committee:

Celebration of Trees- Working with the City’s Division of Natural Resources, the Special Projects Committee aims to leave a long-term legacy, planting appropriate trees in public spaces to improve the City’s tree canopy. Additionally, the Committee will undertake a tree labeling/interpretation project in the downtown area. Lastly, to celebrate the lasting legacy and benefits of a healthy treescape, the Committee is considering a program highlighting historic, sentimental, or unique trees in the City.

Westfield 305 Time Capsule- The Committee is currently investigating feasibility of burying a time capsule in a public space for unearthing at the City’s 450th anniversary celebration. Size of the time capsule, cost, and location are being investigated. The Committee is seeking public spaces likely to stand the test of the next 100 years without major disturbance.

Westfield Landmarks Scavenger Hunt- With a wealth of architectural, cultural, and notable locations in the City, the Committee is looking to create a “scavenger hunt” contest, challenging Westfield residents to experience some well-known and lesser-known community assets. The contest is currently in development but is expected to go live in Spring 2019.

Westfield Mural- Again, a project in development, the Committee is looking to develop a public mural celebrating the City’s first 350 years, with a special emphasis on the modern era from 1969-2019. The Committee believes part of its mission is to mark our place in the City’s history.

Celebration of the Westfield Family- Similarly, the Committee is considering a crowd-sourced photo album of the Westfield family. Families would be invited to submit their own photos for inclusion in the “Westfield Family Photo Album.” Also, the Committee is interested in working with local photographers to provide family photo days for inclusion in the album.

If you are interested in any of these projects, please contact one of the Co-Chairs of the Special Projects Committee- Mary O’Connell at moconnell25@comcast.net or Peter Miller at pjmiller76@gmail.com.