12/1/1737   William Shepard born in Westfield

12/7/1785   “A great many pigeons, some people caught 500 dozen”

12/8/1807   “Elijah Bates and Benjamin Hastings paid $176 for Pew #1 in the Meeting House”.

12/9/1829   First cruise on the canal from Port of Westfield to New Haven. (the port was located where Stop & Shop’s parking lot is today).

12/10/1878    The Great Flood

12/14/1755   Town records show first slave child born in Westfield named Pholix. Slaves were kept in Westfield until after the Revolution.

12/16/1703   Joseph Sexton engaged as school teacher and “obliged to keep school from Dec. 17 until the fifteenth day of April 1704.”

12/22/1620   The official beginning of New England as the Pilgrims came ashore at Plimoth (Plymouth). Westfield incorporated just 49 years later. Farthest west settlement in the colony until 1725